Red Rice, Almonds, Oat and Raw Honey Bread
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Red Rice, Almonds, Oat and Raw Honey Bread

Red Rice, Almonds, Oat and Raw Honey Bread

I keep making much to much starter and my fridge has been littered with glasses and jars of left over starter. I had one left to use up and this is what came out.  I had 100 grams of starter that hadn’t been fed in a week and no plan. It kind of all worked out. I fed it 1:1:1 and then added another 600 g of water and 800g of unbleached bread flour as that’s all I have in the house right now. Based on last week’s bake and the impact oat bran had on creating a soft crumb I decided to add some steel cut oats to this bread. I added 100 g with 70 g of very hot water to soak while I got everything ready. I then thought about all the posts I see with rice so I thought I’d use some red rice I had and cooked, cooled and then added 125 g of that too.  I was hydrating some old and too try almonds and thought why not – so they were thrown rough chopped and added too at 40 g.  Thinking of Sarah Owen’s spelt honey oat bread I’ve made in the past I decided to also add 50 grams of local raw honey to the bread too.

All in the recipe turned out to be (inclusive of the starter) 100% bread flour, 86% water, 13% cooked red rice, 10.5% steel cut oats, 5% honey, 4.5% hydrated almonds chopped and 2.1% salt.  I started making the final dough around 5pm yesterday afternoon, used a proofer box and didn’t get to shape them until about midnight – by then the dough had doubled. Ideally this was a same day bake given the amount of starter, but it was late. Into the cold until this morning – 10 hours later. They were left too long before the bake but didn’t fully collapse on me. I baked them in a dutch oven that was a bit small for how much they had expanded by morning.

This was a VERY sticky dough and hard to work with – very slack because of the hydration and I didn’t have time to develop much structure.  Next time I’d bake same day, work on creating more structure with folds, I’d double the almonds, reduce the hydration to about 75% and maybe increase the honey to 7.5% given the rice is a bit bitter. That said, this has a very nice firm crumb that has a great resistance when being pulled apart and a nice mouth feel. It’s nicely moist, and on the edge of too moist but isn’t. I’d play with this idea again at some point. I threw some flax seeds on the bottom of the baskets too.

Considering I used a week old starter without a feed build-up and no plan, I’m happy with it!


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