Easy Banana Pudding Recipe
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Easy Banana Pudding Recipe

This is the ULTIMATE Easy Banana Pudding Recipe, made with butter cookies and fresh whipped cream. This no bake dessert is the perfect potluck recipe.


slice of banana pudding recipe on white plate

I think I’ve told this story before (when I posted banana cream pie) but it’s worth retelling because it’s one of my absolute favorite Mel stories.

The first time I brought Mel home (back in 1999!!) my parents made him dinner. I’d told them all about him and the things he loved and one of them was bananas. He ate bananas every day and I’d mentioned that to my mom, so she made banana cream pie for dessert. One thing I’d neglected to tell my mom: Mel hates pudding. HATES IT, like, can’t even swallow it.

Mel is nothing if not polite (once, at a friends passover dinner he actually ate the Gefilte fish they served), he took it like a man and ate the entire slice. Then, when she saw how much he liked it she served him another piece and he ate that one too.

I am not as nice as him, lol. I’ve said that our entire marriage: he’s the nice one, I’m the b-one. But, the one thing his dislike of banana pudding gets me? MORE BANANA PUDDING.

I’ve made several versions of banana pudding (fluff salad, cake, lush) but this recipe is a more traditional banana pudding recipe.

This Easy Banana Pudding recipe has a layer of butter cookies topped with easy vanilla pudding with condensed milk, lots of fresh bananas and whipped cream!

It’s like heaven in a pan, really.

overhead shot of banana pudding recipe in pan

When you see banana pudding recipes online, they usually have a few things in common:

  • Some sort of a cookie crust or layer
  • Vanilla pudding – not banana pudding – that’s filled with banana slices
  • A fluffy topping, either whipped cream, cool whip, or meringue

(I never knew that meringue could be a topper for a southern banana pudding or coconut pudding until I made this coconut pie recipe from a cookbook. I guess meringue on cream pie is a southern thing?)


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