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Sunrise Mimosa

A Sunrise Mimosa is the perfect way to enjoy champagne in the morning! Just three ingredients: champagne, orange juice and grenadine make this the perfect mimosa recipe for any occasion!


glass of sunrise mimosa

I love how pretty a Tequila Sunrise is; the layers of orange and red. It makes me think about summer and the beach and it makes me thirsty too.

The only problem with a Tequila Sunrise is that tequila and I…we just don’t mix. We used to be friends until one night in November a few years ago when he just took advantage of me and since then we’ve been way on the outs. I’m really angry about that because I love margaritas and these fruity sunrise drinks, so I decided I had to make them in a new way: with champagne!

I turned your favorite tequila cocktail into a MIMOSA! 

A Sunrise Mimosa is an easy three ingredient cocktail with orange juice and cherry. Its pretty and pretty darn tasty too!

Whether you call this a Mimosa Sunrise or a Sunrise Mimosa, you can have the flavor of your favorite beach cocktail without the tequila…and since this is a mimosa you can have it for breakfast.

sunrise mimosa in flute

I absolutely love mimosa recipes. I’ve made several and have so many more ideas. (My Hawaiian Mimosas are always in my top 10, and I can never get enough of my Cranberry Orange Mimosas.)

Mimosas are perfect all year long, but especially in spring. Between Easter and Mother’s Day the bubbles are flowing this time of year!

I’m going to go out on a limb, as a mom myself, and tell you that your mom (wife, sister, daughter) most likely doesn’t care about brunch for Mother’s Day. What she really wants is a mimosa and some free time. Since most of you reading are probably moms, maybe just send this post to your significant other or your (adult) kids.

And…even if you have to throw a brunch…make yourself a mimosa first.


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