sourdough baking tips and resources
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sourdough baking tips and resources

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We’ve come to the end of our two-week series, How to Make Sourdough Bread, today with one post dedicated to answering all of your burning questions about sourdough, sourdough baking tips and a few resources that have helped me along my own sourdough baking journey. Read on to learn everything you want to know about sourdough and set aside any hesitations — you can totally do this.

Hello hello! Today’s post concludes the Girl Versus Dough series on how to make sourdough bread. I’m equal parts sad because it’s over, but also excited because this means you are FULLY PREPARED to go forth and bake sourdough bread. I hope you’re excited, too.

Before we dive into the Q&A and resources, let me say that if ever you have questions about your own sourdough starter or the baking process, please ask me! Send me an e-mail, message me on Instagram or Facebook, or leave a comment below. I will do my best to help you out, no matter what. Help me help you — in the name of sourdough.

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