sliced chocolate coconut cake roll
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Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll

Oops… I did it again. I made another cake roll that’s full of chocolate and coconut. This Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll has a chocolate cake, is filled with a coconut whipped cream, then topped with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut.

Looking for the perfect cake to wow your guests? This. Is. It!


sliced chocolate coconut cake roll

I am no stranger to cake roll recipes: I have more than 20 recipes for cake rolls on this website. Cake rolls are how I roll, if you will.

Back in the day I was scared of making jelly roll cakes because they just seemed so hard and daunting. And then I made a carrot cake roll several years ago for Easter and realized how easy it actually is!

I’ve made chocolate cake rolls and vanilla cake rolls; pumpkin rolls and eggnog rolls. Yet I still have more to make…like this chocolate coconut cake roll. It’s a chocolate cake base filled with coconut whipped cream and topped with a gorgeous silky chocolate ganache and more toasted coconut. 

If you’re a coconut lover, this chocolate coconut cake roll is going to be perfect for you!

slice of chocolate coconut cake roll

I like to think that I’ve re-introduced the world to roll cakes. I see them so much more now online and it makes my heart happy. They’re easy to make even though they look hard and they have such a huge WOW factor.

This cake roll has so many elements and layers that I just want to start talking about them. This might just be one of my favorite cake roll recipes ever. But it has a lot of competition.

What’s in a Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll?


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