Easy Healthy Greek Yogurt No Sugar Moist Blueberry Almond Banana Bread
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Healthy Blueberry Almond Banana Bread

Learn how to make this supremely moist blueberry almond banana bread from scratch! No mixer required and no refined flour or sugar too! It tastes so classy and elegant, yet it’s just 116 calories and really easy to make!

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Easy Healthy Greek Yogurt No Sugar Moist Blueberry Almond Banana Bread

Earlier this month, a friend of mine drove her three young boys all the way from Idaho to California to take them to Disneyland for their spring break vacation. When she asked if I would be interested in meeting up for dinner on the first night of their trip, I immediately said yes.

That afternoon, I hopped in my car for the 90-minute trip north to Anaheim. To avoid driving back late at night, I booked a room at one of my favorite hotels in the area, and after checking in at the front desk and receiving the keys, I headed upstairs and discovered a surprising view out of the window: the entire atrium down below, plus neighboring hotels through the lobby’s 16-story glass windows. I definitely didn’t mind one bit—much better than overlooking the parking lot!

Easy Healthy Clean Eating Gluten Free Moist Blueberry Almond Banana Bread

After our incredibly fun dinner where I met her family and joined them in wandering around Downtown Disney, I returned back to my hotel feeling so happy and relaxed. Right before crawling between the sheets, I decided to let myself sleep in as part of my mini vacation… Which would mean I’d also miss all of rush hour traffic on my drive back home!

Yet the next morning, the hotel’s alarm clock on the nightstand right next to my head had different ideas. It blared a loud buzzing sound, almost like a fire alarm, at 6 am! Completely confused, I blearily reached over and hit the button on top to quiet it. Unfortunately…

Easy Healthy Whole Wheat Low Fat Low Sugar Blueberry Almond Banana Bread

That was only the snooze button, so ten minutes later, that little alarm clock greeted me with another buzz attack. I finally found the knob to turn it off for good, and somehow, despite feeling almost completely wide awake, I managed to fall back asleep until my phone’s alarm quietly and gently nudged me awake a while later.

Not quite the surprise greeting I wanted that morning…

Best Easy Healthy Sugar Free Low Calorie Blueberry Almond Banana Bread

But this Healthy Blueberry Almond Banana Bread would’ve been a much more pleasant morning greeting! It’s supremely moist with lots of naturally sweet fruit flavors, and the hint of almond extract makes it taste so classy and elegant, just like something you’d serve to company or at a fancy brunch.

Yet this banana bread is easy to make (no mixer required), and it also has no refined flour or sugar and just 116 calories!

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