Furry Friend Friday – Family
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Furry Friend Friday – Family

It’s Furry Friend Friday – it’s Family week! Each Friday I share pictures and updates on Logan, our Golden Retriever puppy. If you love Golden Retrievers, puppies or dogs in general then you’re going to enjoy following his antics each week.

Logan the Golden Dog and our family.

The holidays were super busy for us as I’m sure they were for you as well.

I am proud to be partnering with Toyota for this post. We were able to use the 2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum in exchange while my family was together for the holidays. There has been no compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.

One of the things I was most looking forward to for Christmas was having the whole family in one place for a whole week!
Now that the kids are older and off on their own, it’s more difficult to get everyone together as some of you may know.

Alex, our oldest, now resides in Berlin. She moved there in October after living in Weinstrasse, Germany for a year as an au pair (full-time nanny).
She’ll be an au pair for another family over the next year and is hoping to stay in Germany for as long as she possibly can.

When she arrived back in Europe last week she texted me and said, “it’s good to be back and this feels like home”.
Bittersweet for her momma, but I love seeing my kids happy and if that’s where she’s supposed to be, so be it.
I’ll just have to go visit her every so often.


Logan the Golden Dog with a stuffed animal on his head.

Emma and Cameron, our two younger children are living together in Philadelphia and working.  I love how they’re both experiencing all the things that great city has to offer.

I went to visit Emma last March, months before Cameron moved in with her and really enjoyed the history, architecture, museums, and of course, amazing food.
I NEED to go back SOON!

Logan the Golden Dog wearing a Santa hat.

One of the other things I was extremely excited about was seeing how Logan would react to each of them.

Cameron was the first one I picked up from the airport.
When we walked in the door Logan went right up to him, wagging his tail and brushed up on his legs.

Logan the Golden Dog with Cameron.

When Emma came home, he went right up to her as well. He then plopped on the ground wanting her to give him belly rubs which so immediately did.

Below is later in the week when they were playing on the floor.

Logan the Golden Dog staring at Emma.

He took to Alex as they’d been old friends as well, immediately making her feel welcome.
And it goes without saying that Winne was extremely happy her mother was home, too.

Logan the Golden Dog and Winnie the cat with Alex.

He thoroughly enjoyed going on walks with them and always wanted to be part of the action.

Logan the Golden Dog watching the kids.

Logan absolutely LOVED being with his family. Kurt and I were so interested to see how he might react to meeting them and how he’d be to have three extra people in the house for a week.

He handled it all like he’d known them forever and absolutely ADORED all of the attention they showed him.
I’m thinking it might be because some of their stuff is still here in the house, and has their scent.

Facetiming and hearing their voices also familiarized him with them as well, I’m sure.

You can follow Logan the Golden Dog account on Instagram where you’ll see almost daily pictures and adventures of our furry friend!

While they were home, we had the use of a 2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.
And oh, man did I absolutely LOVE that car!!

2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum in Phoenix, AZ.

So much so that I may have shed a slight tear when we parted ways.
But not as much as when I had to say goodbye to each of the kids.

It was a wonderful car with plenty of room for 5 adults, a 60 lb. puppy, and luggage!
We were driving comfortably all week to the restaurants, stores, and activities we’d planned.

Interior Driver's Side of 2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.

And I’m not gonna lie, I now want this car as my next one.
It was THE most comfortable car I have ever driven and drove like butter.
Ok, what I imagine butter would drive like. haha

I think the rest of the family enjoyed it as much as I did.

Family at the hood of the 2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum.

You can follow all of Logan’s antics here on my Instagram, too! You’ll see what our Furry Friend Friday pup is up to each day.



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Needless to say, it was so hard saying goodbye to each one of the kids, not knowing when we’d all be together again.
And for a few days following their departures, Logan wandered around the house looking for each of them. It was so sweet.
But I’m already looking forward to how our boy will react when he sees them again.

2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ.

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