Linzer Cookies
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Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies, made without a Linzer cutter

My friend Maureen had a little get-together at her home recently. Maureen is a great baker and, of course, had a dessert spread that was worth every single calorie I ingested. Among the treats was a platter of the sweetest Linzer cookies.

They were delicious! I said to Maureen, "These cookies are REALLY yummy!" She replied, "It's your recipe." Ha. 

sweet Linzer cookies

Two reactions:

  1. I was embarrassed because it sounded like I was trying to compliment myself.
  2. I was excited because I couldn't wait to make them!

For the cookies, it's the perfect every time cut-out cookie recipe. Roll it thinner than you would for a decorated cookie. I rolled these to 1/8-inch. The baking time is shortened…I found 7-8 minutes was enough for the thinner cookies.

CLICK TO READ MORE…more sugar this way!

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