how to throw a raclette party
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how to throw a raclette party

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A few years ago, when I was still living in New York, raclette was all the rage. There was a food stand in Bryant Park that specialized in taking half a wheel of the Swiss semi-hard cheese, broiling the sliced half to get it all molten, and scraping gooey and melted bits over prosciutto sandwiches filled with butter and gherkin pickles. Unfortunately, despite how tasty the sandwich looked, I could only admire it from afar — the line was always too long, a testament to raclette's deliciousness.

Later, when I moved back to Portland, I attended a dinner party at my friends Jeremy and Sze Wa's house. In my friend circle, both Jeremy and Sze Wa were known for hosting large and extremely generous dinner parties — they frequently invited folks over for delicious hot pot parties, crepe making dinners, and dumpling folding lunches. At our last hot pot party, as we were cooking meat, vegetables, and noodles in pots of salty broth, Jeremy suggested that we throw a raclette party for our next dinner.

With those New York raclette sandwiches in my mind, I immediately blurted out "YES!" My enthusiasm, however, was alone — I was the only one who knew what a raclette party was. 90% of the table looked confused, leaving Jeremy to explain the raclette parties from his childhood (Jeremy is French and lived in Paris until he was 9; although raclette is Swiss, it is also popular in the Alpine region of France and frequently eaten in the wintertime throughout parts of France — in fact, the word "raclette" comes from the French word "to scrape"). Truthfully, there wasn't much to explain. Once Jeremy uttered the words "you scrape melted cheese on everything", everybody was on board. So behold — Jeremy's raclette dinner party tips below:
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