Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcake Toppers
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Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcake Toppers

How fun are marshmallow nail polish cupcake toppers!?

I mean, you don’t even really need a reason to make these adorable little things, but how much more perfect is it to present to your most glamorous friends!

We all know how much little girls want to glam up as well, so the next teen sleepover can be complete with these awesome cupcakes!

I am not sure who to credit for this brilliant idea since the internet is swirling with literally hundreds of these images!

But a great big thank you to the originator of the marshmallow nail polish idea! Pure Genius!



Marshmallows dipped in edible glitter dust with gumpaste applicators! I love this so much!

*Be sure you are buying edible glitter from a reputable source though.

This item has been topic of controversy in the news with shady companies selling glitter labeled as edible when in fact is was not! I get mine HERE. (and also at the link in the recipe post)

Now of course these are going to taste amazing too since I am using my chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes and fudge icing!

But if you are a vanilla person~ feel free to use the white cake recipe for cupcakes and buttercream in any color or flavor you like!

Madam Glam link and coupon code at the bottom of this post!

For those who are curious as to why I have a watermark throughout my entire video CLICK HERE

Marshmallow Nail Polish Cupcake Toppers

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Prep time

Total time


Author: Gretchen’s Bakery
Serves: 12 Cupcakes

  • ½ Recipe Chocolate Cake baked into cupcakes
  • ½ Recipe Fudge Icing
  • Assorted Edible Glitter Dust * as needed
  • Marshmallow * as needed
  • Gum Paste 4 ounces
  • Black Gel Paste Food Color

  1. Follow the video tutorial for assembly

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Now don’t forget to go get beautiful with Madam Glam to see what tickles your fancy!

Simply enter GRETCHENSBAKERY30  in the coupon section at checkout and you will save 30% off your entire order!




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